Watch Jill Gets Awkwardly Clingy During Speech With Joe

As a sidenote, this is Biden’s first overseas trip during his entire time as President. He’s spent most of his time shackled up in the basement and hiding behind Jill and everyone else in his administration. He had to know that he’d be forced to leave sometime, and it seems it’s finally happened.

Anyway, the first lady certainly felt the need to publicly shame her husband, which is weird in and of itself. But to tell him to listen to her and redirect his attention?

Even weirder. Here exact words were, “Joe, pay attention.”

Biden tried to play it off by turning towards her and the stage front and saluting. The crows laughed and so did Jill, but it definitely felt forced.

Joe and Jill are in the UK for meetings between Biden and our European allies. Biden has plans to meet with Boris Johnson, the U.K.’s prime minister and to engage in the G-7 summit later this week, which will be in Cornwall, England. After which, Biden will speak with NATO and the EU and meet with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

The first lady focused on her work with military families and service members, claiming she plays a leading role in an organization called Joining Forces. It’s an initiative she co-founded during Obama’s time as president.

Jill claims that they are planning on focusing on military spouse entrepreneurship and employment, and childcare, as well as education initiatives. Jill claims she wants service members and their spouses to have accessible and wonderful child care wherever they are and whenever they need it. We will see how things play out, but our guess is that is the last thing on Biden’s mind right now.

Author: Will Heartly