Canada Accidentally Supplied China With All They Need To Wipe Us Out

Two scientists from China were removed from their high-security Canadian lab just two years before now after breaching security protocols. They have now mysteriously disappeared. Investigators suspect this is due to the ongoing investigation they are involved in.

Xiangguo Qui, one scientist and her Keding Cheng, her husband, also a scientist, had their clearances revoked and were forcibly removed for their lab after Henipah, Ebola and other deadly and harmful pathogens were shipped to the oh-so-famous Wuhan Lab in China.

Qui headed up the Antiviral Therapies and Vaccination Development sections of the National Lab of Microbiology in Winnipeg. Cheng however, headed up the Public Health Agency as a biologist.

Two Months after they sent these deadly pathogens to the Wuhan lab, Canada’s Public Health Agency fired and removed the two scientists and several students of international origin, citing the issues as an ‘administrative matter.’

They were removed back in 2019, in July, but weren’t officially fired until 2021. Since then, the scientists have never fully or publicly commented on the nature of their termination, but there is much speculation.

Qui was a key player in the role of shipping Level 4 (super-deadly) pathogens to China.

Canada’s Public Health agency continues to insist that all protocols were maintained and followed but documents say otherwise. What’s even more troubling is that the couple is known to have worked with the military in China, and they gave numerous students access to the lab.

Qui brought in many Chinese postgraduates that were studying at Manitoba, a local University. She allowed many of them access to this highly-dangerous lab.

Canada is being very tight-lipped about the situation which is brining even more scrutiny to the already highly-charged controversy. They cite the sensitivity of the global situation as their reason for a lack of transparency. There is even some speculation that the couple could have shipped out what started the COVID-19, pandemic, but this is all speculative. What is known, however, is that the couple has disappeared during the investigation.

The couple owns several properties, worth millions of dollars in the Winnipeg and other surrounding areas, and that’s just in Canada. They also own a home in China, and it’s unclear if they own any homes elsewhere. There are nowhere to be found at any of these known properties.

There is much concern that the Chinese military and other government spies were working with the lab and spying for nefarious reasons. Some members of Canadian parliament are convinced that they helped the Chinese succeed in developing effective chemical warfare by accident.

It is unclear what damage has been done. But one thing is clear, the Chinese now have numerous viruses in their hands. Some with death rates at 100%, and being on the back-end of COVID, it’s clear they are willing to use them.

Author: Bella Hansen