Biden Flees Country As Southern Invasion Worsens

Democratic President Biden’s southern border crisis continues to assail the country, and last months report reveals that the nation is reaching a new all-time low for border enforcement. Last May represents more illegal crossings in a month than any other in the history of the Department of Homeland Security’s history, which began in 2002.

May of 2021 saw over 180,000 persons cross the Southwest United States border as counted by Customs and Border Protection. They say that single adults comprise the majority of that statistic.

The disastrous report is representative of a 674% increase over May of the previous year, which saw only 23,237 illegal crossings. Last month’s numbers represent the worst in over 20 years and are reflective of the effectiveness of the Biden administration’s commitment to border patrol as well as their immigration policies.

The Trump administration had a solid grasp of the situation by 2019, keeping crossing attempts low and actually preventing ‘got-away’s’ by dramatic figures. But border disintegration has continued steadily since Biden came to power in January of 2021, with every month reporting higher figures, exhausting the agencies which attempt to maintain the border.

Zach Parkinson, RNC Research Director, noted that the latest border statistics were released after Vice President Kamala Harris visited the region of Central America in an attempt to address what the administration views as the “root causes” of the current border crisis.

Parkinson writes that the “Biden Admin [is] clearly trying to bury this.” He points out that the decision to release the statistics “after hours” while Biden is safely away from White House press corps on his visit in the UK is conspicuous, as is the timing of Harris’s return from Central America so that “she couldn’t be asked about it” during the trip.

The Washington Examiner recently reported that of the over 38,0000 children who have migrated into the U.S. from the southern border came without a parent and have been spread across the country at Biden’s behest. The number is the highest in U.S. history for government discharge of child custody.

Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the situation on Wednesday, calling the current border situation “worse than ever before,” and slammed the Biden administration for undoing his successful policies of barrier construction, Border Patrol authority, the Remain in Mexico policy, Safe Third Agreements, and lastly the reinstatement of the failed policy of Catch-and-Release.

Author: Heidi Hanson