Ratings Are In: Trump’s Speech Shatters All Expectations

There’s simply no stopping the force of Donald Trump, “America’s Favorite President.” Despite the odds stacked against him, the constant attacks from politicians and media figures, the legal witch hunts, the Former President still makes it out on top.

And he’s taking a large group of America-First media outlets, lawmakers, and Congressional hopefuls with him.

Donald Trump delivered a stunning speech last weekend to the North Carolina Republican Convention. He extolled the virtues of his administration, while attacking America’s enemies and highlighting the failures of Biden’s presidency. The Former Commander-in-Chief lauded the peaceful approach to our Middle East conflict, and told a harrowing tale about Gold Star parents receiving their deceased son/daughter from U.S. military cargo planes. Trump honored the tireless work put in by his team in securing the border and creating a booming economy twice over.

Trump’s speech left a lasting impressions with Americans – drawing over 1.8 million viewers to the America-First outlet Newsmax, who demolished the mainstream Fox News Network in a key demo rating.

The Former President’s second major address since leaving the White House drew an audience of 1.1 million viewers across traditional television platforms – local news, cable news, etc – according to Nielsen’s ratings.

Meanwhile, the Pro-Trump news outlet Newsmax matched or toppled traditional news platforms. Their OTT audience (Over-The-Top), a media term implying viewers can access content straight from the internet, bypassing typical forms of media, reached staggering numbers. Newsmax alone attracted an audience of nearly 1 million viewers live during Trump’s speech.

Newsmax broadcasts free on all major OTT platforms, including Roku, Xumo, Pluto, YouTube, Apple TV, most smart TVs, and Facebook Live, as well as the company’s internal platforms like NewsmaxTV.com and through more than 7 million Newsmax App smartphone users.

Fox News did not air Trump’s speech, leaving Newsmax as the only major cable news channel to air the event live.

Key facts about Newsmax’s ratings:

  • Nielsen’s coverage rating during the speech shows Newsmax drew a .58 for total P2 audience, close to Fox News’ .77 for the same time period. (Fox News is available in 56% more television homes than Newsmax. The coverage rating shows audience penetration against total households available for a network.)
  • Nielsen reports Newsmax beat Fox in the coverage rating for the key 35-64 demo, taking a .56 to Fox News’ .46 during the speech.
  • Newsmax trounced other cable networks in the coverage rating, with its .77 more than triple CNN’s .24 and almost four times MSNBC’s .20 draw, Nielsen reported.

Newsmax is the only traditional cable news channel available free to the more than 40 million U.S. television homes no longer connected to cable/satellite or virtual paid television.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney