AOC Blames Trump For Her Family’s ‘Poverty’ — Forgets This One Thing

Just when you thought AOC couldn’t get more ridiculous, more hypocritical, or more annoying – think again.

The socialist Rep. from New York was slapped with massive online backlash after she posted pictures of her grandmother’s hovel in Puerto Rico, blaming Trump for her conditions.

Of course!

This is the Far-Left claptrap she AOC posted to twitter:

“Just over a week ago, my abuela fell ill. I went to Puerto Rico to see her- my 1st time in a year+ bc of COVID,” she wrote on Twitter.

“This is her home. Hurricane María relief hasn’t arrived. Trump blocked relief $ for PR. People are being forced to flee ancestral homes, & developers are taking them.”

The photos appeared to show a home with ceiling damage:

In response to the post, many conservative lawmakers and online Republicans exposed the massive hypocrisy in AOC’s post.

Florida Republican candidate Lavern Spicer had this to say:

Conservative columnist Matt Walsh also weighed in:

Many twitter users noted AOC’s six-figure salary working in Congress. That amount of money goes a long way in Puerto Rico, yet the socialist hypocrite never thought to shell out a dime to rescue her own “abuela” from her dire conditions.

In a subsequent tweets, Ocasio-Cortez was forced to backtrack, realizing herself how ridiculous she sounded:

She later added her abuela was “doing okay”:

For being a socialist, AOC has no problem living a life of luxury and keeping it all to herself.

Why not redistribute some of that wealth? Isn’t that a main tenant of Karl Marx, your hero?

In 2018, Ocasio-Cortez was maligned for posing in a $4,000 outfit for the cover of a magazine along with actress Kerry Washington.

Following the backlash, she claimed, “The alt-right doesn’t seem to understand the concept of magazine shoots”:

Author: Asa McCue