Trump Pulls Out All Stops To Support MAGA Republicans

Former President Donald Trump is switching up his approach to fundraising this summer.

In two emails appealing for campaign cash, Trump offered one lucky donor a free trip to his first campaign rally since leaving the White House – likely a monumental, heavily attended and exclusive event.

Save America, Trump’s PAC, is handling all of the fundraising efforts to support America-First Republican candidates in the 2020 midterms – and even perhaps his own 2024 presidential campaign. The former president signed two fundraising emails from the PAC that were directed at grassroots donors and landed in inboxes Tuesday. The first fried current president Joe Biden for trying to “undo everything I accomplished for the American people.”

Trump is attempting to encourage more grassroots contributions by announcing a drawing in the second email. The winner would be rewarded with VIP passes, airfare, and hotel accommodations to his first campaign rally since exiting the White House. The Former President has yet to release a date of his first rally, but sources close to Trump say the location will likely be somewhere in Ohio.

Resources are competitive between Republican candidates leading up the 2022 midterms. There has been some concern that Trump’s fundraising prowess could detract donations to other candidates badly needed the campaign cash for their 2022 midterm campaigns. In addition to Save America, there are a host of new political groups run by Trump allies that could compete for resources with existing Republican organizations already engaged in similar activities.

Trump has repeatedly stated his intentions are not to step on the RNC’s fundraising efforts in anyway. Quite the contrary. Trump believes collectively if the GOP can raise as much money as possible, then America-First candidates have the best shot of winning their elections and riding America of Biden’s disastrous agenda.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney