Leaked Emails Expose Fauci As Anti-Religious Bigot

Dr. Fauci’s days are numbered.

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, “America’s Doctor” has been exposed as having severe anti-religious bias while delivering his public safety guidelines during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a series of emails, Fauci strongly recommended all “religious services” come to end despite giving the go-ahead for political rallies and cruises a mere four days later.

Despite his reluctance to allow Americans to practice their religion safely and freely, Fauci took to the White House podium, claiming it was “perfectly safe” for healthy Americans to take cruises and hold campaign rallies.

While Trump was on the campaign trail, Fauci was routinely asked about the safety the President’s signature campaign rallies. He raised immense concern to members of the Anti-Trump media, despite what we know now about his true thoughts about the virus’ spread.

On January 18, 2021, Fauci was asked at a virtual town hall, “When can we expect to go back to church, when we’ll be able to sing, we’ll be able to do wind instruments?”

“Fauci said the timeline largely depended on how quickly the US could get ‘the overwhelming proportion of our population,’ meaning at least 70% to 85%, vaccinated,” Business Insider reported.

But previously, Republican lawmaker Rep. Jim Jordan directly asked Fauci if permitting BLM protesting and riots while disallowing religious services is an any way inconsistent or contradictory.

“Should we limit the protesting?” Jordan asked

This is how Fauci responded:

Author: Nolan Sheridan