Biden Slips — Admits Trump Pulled Off a Miracle

Are we hearing this correctly? Did Joe Biden just give Former President Trump credit for Operation Warp Speed – the medical miracle responsible for the rapid vaccination of millions of Americans? It can’t be!

In the past, Biden has refused to even come close to acknowledging the arduous work Trump’s administration put in to secure a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine for the American people. Republicans have criticized the cognitively-challenged president for taking too much credit for the vaccine’s success of which all were developed under Trump’s tutelage.

However, Biden suddenly changed his tune yesterday when he gave Trump a slight nod for his efforts to secure vaccinations for every American who wants one.

“Getting the vaccine is not a partisan act. As a matter of fact, the first vaccines were authorized under a Republican president,” Biden said.

Notice how he refused to name the Republican president who authorized the first vaccines — President Donald J. Trump.

However, he was sure to give himself and his administration credit for widely distributing the shots, even though the Trump was on par to accomplish the same milestone if he were rightfully serving his second term.
“And developed by a Democratic president,” he said, catching his slip, “deployed by a Democratic president.”

Trump has lamented the Biden administration constant insistence that they are responsible for the rapid success of the coronavirus vaccine. The Former Administration issued the emergency use authorizations that enabled the creation of all three of the miraculous shots that have saved lives and inched America out of this hellish pandemic.

But the 46th president said shortly after taking office claimed that there was in fact “no vaccine” when he entered the White House.

However, his change of tune comes as Biden’s White House scrambles for a way to convince skeptical Americans in heavily conservative areas to get their shots.

Republican-dominate states like Tennessee, Utah, Wyoming, Oklahoma, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Missouri report some of the lowest adult vaccinate rates in the country.

None of the states have an adult vaccination rate above 35%.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney