Another Pandemic Out Of China — But It’s Not From Bats

The Communist Chinese Party (CCP) reported the world’s first case of H10N3,a strain of bird flu, in a man living in Eastern China.

The very-trustworthy and transparent Chinese government (HA) claimed the risk if large-scale spread is incredibly low, nowhere near approaching the levels seen of COVID-19.

The 41-year-old man lives in the Jiangsu province in eastern China, just north of Shanghai. He was hospitalized in late April, yet the international press is only now hearing of the rare flu strain. The Chinese National Health Commission claimed the man was in stable condition.

No human case of H10N3 has been reported elsewhere in the world.

The CDC and Biden’s White House has said they are closely monitoring the situation in China as to not prevent another global pandemic.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney