Top Democrat/BLM Leader Caught With His Pants Down – Literally

A self-proclaimed “Democratic socialist” and elected official in Denver has been accused of sexually preying on illegal immigrants, teen anti-gun activists, and a Black Lives Matter member.

22-year old Tay Anderson is a member of the Denver school board who, prior to becoming a target of police investigation, successfully introduced a measure to remove police officers from the Denver schools.

On May 25, a parent told a Colorado House committee that there is a “sexual predator targeting [Denver Public Schools] children,” the Denver Post reported.

She said 62 people had come to her complaining of misconduct ranging from unwanted touching to violent rape, and that 61 of them were illegal immigrants or “Dreamers,” recipients of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The youngest was 14 years old.

On May 28, the school system said it was “informed that the accusations were against Director Tay Anderson. The Denver police are also aware of these accusations.”

An attorney for Anderson, Christopher Decker, denied the charges to the Post, writing: “Nothing is worse or more unacceptable than the harm caused by sexual assault upon our children, or the related harm caused by not believing those who have been victimized in this way. This is also why false assertions of these horrible crimes act to cheapen and diminish its importance.”

Denver Police Department spokesman Jay Casillas told the Post that it had spoken with the parent, Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming, but had not heard directly from any of the victims. It’s worth noting, however, that Illegal immigrants are sometimes afraid to speak to police.

On March 26, a Black Lives Matter chapter with which Anderson was involved lodged a separate allegation of sexual assault against him. “When we say protect Black women this must entail calling in those who have allegedly caused harm, including elected officials. Until Dir. Anderson has accounted for himself in these ways, he will not be welcome to share space with BLM5280 physically or on any of our platforms,” the group wrote.

Three former members of a youth anti-gun group associated with a March for Our Lives rally in Denver also told the Denver Post they witnessed sexual misconduct by Anderson. Madison Rose, who was the group’s vice-president, said Anderson was its president when he was 19 years old, and used his position to pressure others — some underage — into sleeping with him, the Post reported.

The school board said May 22 that it had “limited authority to take action due to the fact that Mr. Anderson is an elected official… their position as a director is determined by the will of the voters.”

But on May 30, Anderson said he would “step back” from school board duties while an investigation is ongoing.

Anderson graduated from high school in 2017 and successfully ran for school board in 2019, becoming the youngest school board member. He also was the most radical, calling for students to be able to vote for school board members as the alleged predator rained more divisive rhetoric onto their young and impressionable minds.

Author: Marshall Williams