Proof: Mainstream Media In Cahoots With Terrorist Operatives

Leader of Israel’s Defense Force revealed that Middle East-based journalists routinely “drank their morning coffee” and often mingled with Hamas terrorists in the building IDF destroyed during the recent 11-day conflict in the region.

The multiple-story building housed offices for the Associated Press and Al Jazeera media outlets, as well as a headquarters for Hamas intelligence units.

The IDF said Hamas used members of the press as human shields when military forces sounded warning signs that an attack on the building was impending.

A shocking report detailed the cozy relationship between mainstream media journalists and Hamas terrorists. At the time, Hamas was diligently working on electronic warfare devices used to attack Israel while working members of the press “drank their morning coffee” with said operatives.

The Associated Press released a statement refuting IDF claims this shocking report:

AP was hyper-critical of Israel’s decision to destroy the building, saying “We had had no indication of Hamas’ active presence in the  building.” However, a former national security official under Obama’s administration revealed that exact building was “long known as a Hamas operational headquarters and journalists who worked there openly knew of that.” 

Even a former AP editor admitted Hamas operated from within the building.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defended IDF’s decision to destroy the building, facing the press despite intense critcism:

Jawad Mehdi, owner of the the Al-Jazeera media conglomerate called the attack a “war crime” and filed a complaint in International Court. A video of the media mogul went viral when he begged the IDF to stave off their attack for “10 more minutes” despite being warned hours beforehand of the Israel intentions to destroy the building. There were no deaths or injuries as a result.

Author: Asa McCue