If You Weren’t Pro Israel Before, You Surely Will Be Now

Leader of the Hamas terrorist group in Palestine, Yahya Sinwar, emerged from the hole he was hiding in this week as Israel began its ceasefire against the neighboring “nation.”

Sinwar attended a rally at which he held up a small child, donned in typical green terrorist garb, and wielding what looks to be an active firearm.

The Israel Defense Forces sounded the alarm over Sinwar’s disturbing exploitation of the child. It’s not known if the gun is a prop.

Reports in Israel reveal this was the first public appearance made by Sinwar the day after a ceasefire between the two factions went into effect.

Hamas leaders falsely claimed victory, despite Israel’s Iron Dome effectively staving off their rocket attacks. The IDF also destroyed much of their terrorist infrastructure, destroying underground tunnels, weapons arsenals, and ending the lives of many of its leaders. Meanwhile, the co-founder of Hamas gloated that Palestine deliberately targeted Israeli cities where civilian death would be the most widespread.

The IDF reports only 16% of  Palestinian rockets actually fell in Gaza, some even killing their own civilians, including women and children.

Hamas indoctrinates Palestinian children to become jihadis, willing to kill Israeli civilians — and, if need be, killing themselves in the process.

Academic journals noted that Hamas exploits child labor for the construction of their underground terror tunnels used to transport soldiers and store weapons. Hundreds of children died as a result.

Author: Asa McCue