Biden Attempts To Save Face After Destroying Trump’s COVID Probe

Joe Biden is doing everything in his power to shield the Chinese Communist Party from legal turmoil over their role in the global coronavirus pandemic.

After officially ending a Trump-era DOJ investigation into the origins of the virus, which specifically focused on China’s potential use of biological weapons in Wuhan, the octogenarian president demanded that US intelligence communities “redouble” their efforts to determine exactly where COVID-19 originated.

The debate wages on whether the virus occurs naturally in different animal species or if it was produced then leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

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Biden released a statement on Wednesday from the Oval Office, saying, “I have now asked the Intelligence Community to collect and analyze any information that could bring us to a definitive conclusion…”

He claims the US will keep working with “like-mined” allies around the world in an effort to press China into full transparency through an “evidence and science-based” international investigation to access all relevant data which will lead to a conclusion on the origins of COVID-19.

Author: Asa McCue