Trump Exposes Sinister Connection Between Biden and the CCP

In a recent interview, Former President Donald Trump called out the Biden family and their collusion with the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump noted China’s economic advancements and lamented their ability to “take care of everybody” including “Joe and Hunter Biden” with money taken out of the United State’s coffer.

He even suggested that China’s menacing buying power functioned as a shield to obscure the truth about the global coronavirus pandemic they caused and helped to spread.

“I said from the very beginning. The virus came from China. It came from Wuhan. I had no doubt about it and I think other smart people knew it too,” Trump said of virus origins.

“China has a lot of people they take care of. They take care of Hunter; they take care of Joe. They took care of everybody. And now who is Joe taking care of?”

The Former President highlighted the media’s attempt to distract the U.S. with the Democrats’ Russia collusion narrative, which allowed China’s malfeasance in the COVID-19 pandemic to go unnoticed. The origins of the infection that killed 3.5 million people worldwide have yet to be discovered largely due to Democrats and their media cohorts balking at any attempt to blame China. However, recently tides have turned and establishment media outlets are beginning to raise questions about China’s role in the pandemic.

“By the way, that’s where all the deaths were. When we first heard about this plague, there were already dead people in Wuhan; body bags stacked up, dead people all over. It started in Wuhan. And the media stayed silent,” Trump revealed.

Trump heaps massive criticism at the lack of strength of Joe Biden and his administration when dealing with China, refusing to hold their feet to the fire for their role in the global pandemic. .

“We have to be stronger than what we are right now. What’s going on right now is just really unfortunate,” Trump said. 

Author: Nolan Sheridan