Biden Pulls Out The “Race Card” In Latest Anti-Trump Attack

Joe Biden is now accusing Former President Trump of campaigning on racist ideals in an attempt to shed negative light on his predecessor.

The octogenarian president claimed that Trump ran on the idea that “blacks are trying to get the white man’s job” in an attempt to capture the white, southern, working class vote.

Biden said:

The people who built the country are the people who are all being left behind. When the president says, the reason you lost your job is because of an immigrant; the reason you lost that job is because those Black folks are trying to take it — you end up with a series of Charlottesvilles around the country.

Biden’s claim is not only puzzling, but has no basis in reality whatsoever. As a candidate and as President, Donald Trump routinely discussed building up working class America for all races – and he was especially proud of the plummeting unemployment rates African Americans.

Trump often spoke proudly about his policies which enabled black Americans to escape poverty, unemployment, and provide an regulation-free economy that allowed African American business ownership to skyrocket.


Meanwhile, it’s actually Biden himself, with his 50+ years in politics, that has a proven record of racial division, discord, and flat-out inappropriate language.

During a virtual call with civil rights leaders, Joe Biden claimed that “Hispanics are going to take over.” 

Biden speaks proudly of working with segregationists in Congress, even telling a Southern audience that Delaware “was on the South’s side in the Civil War.”

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Joe Biden famously made extremely racist remarks:

Joe Biden’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. The president is floundering throughout the beginning of his presidency as the border remains in shambles, the economy is not recovering, and his approval rating takes a nosedive. He will do whatever he can bump up his personal image tearing Trump’s down.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney