Biden Abandons His Top Campaign Promise

Joe Biden has broken yet another campaign promise this week – and his Far-Left voters are raging mad.

It’s been reported that the cognitively-deficient president plans to abandon student loan forgiveness from his upcoming budget, a promise the radical Left Democrats heavily favored.

Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (R-NY) are likely to be the most enraged by Biden’s decision.

White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki has caught immense heat from Biden’s decision, but said the administration is “exploring options” for debt cancellation.

Wealthy Americans will likely disproprotionaly benefit from student loan cancellation – a main concern for the Republican Party.

Erasing all student loan debt would distribute $192 billion to the top 20% of earners in the U.S., but just $29 billion to the bottom 20% of U.S. households.

Author: Val Dohm