Clueless Biden Pretends To Take Charge Of Middle East Chaos

Despite overwhelming evidence of Egypt’s role in the recent ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, Biden is doing all he can to take credit.

Biden, who finally addressed the violence for the first time, acknowledged Egypt’s role but over-emphasized the work he claims his administration did to bring an end to the military conflict plaguing the region.

Biden vowed to play both sides of the fence – helping both Israel with their Iron Dome and Palestine to rebuild Gaza.

“The United States fully supports Israel’s right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks from Hamas,” Biden claims, despite urging our Middle East ally to back down to terrorists.

The cognitively-deficient president voiced his appreciation for Israel’s Iron Dome system and promised U.S. tax dollars to help bolster it. Meanwhile, Biden has sent funding to Palestine as well under the auspices that U.S. dollars will be used to pay for attacks against Israel

placeholderBiden said he’d also spoken with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, who is a member of the Fatah Party rather than Hamas.

“We will do this in full partnership with the Palestinian Authority, not Hamas, Palestinian Authority,  in a manner that does not permit Hamas to simply restock its military arsenal.”

The deadly military battle has left over 200 Palestinians and 12 Israelis dead, with many more facing serious injury as a result. The Gaza region has not seen such violence since the breakout in the 2014 Gaza war.

Hamas terrorists have launched brutal rocket attacks against Israel – firing off more than 5,000 missiles over the last 11 days. The IDF has retaliated with devastating airstrikes, ending the lives of many terrorists leaders.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth