Radical Democrat Lawmakers Make Shocking Anti-Israel Demands

Socialist ‘Squad’ Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed she, and her other Squad members, are planning to block the recent sale of $735 million in U.S. precision bombs to Israel. Despite Hamas continuing its barrage of attacks against our Middle East ally, the Leftists lawmakers believe Israel is not worthy of the transaction.

The $735 million arms deal was arranged before the current war between Israel and Hamas, and includes “Joint Direct Attack Munition variants and Small Diameter Bomb Increment I variants,” based on recent reports.

American engineers designed the artillery to be detonated from the air to hit a precise target on the ground. The bomb is made specifically to reduce collateral damage, dramatically lowering the risk of civilian death.

The Biden administration had approved the sale earlier this week, and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Gregory Meeks considered blocking the sale. But he inevitably relented and allowed the transaction to proceed without any complication from Congress.

However, AOC remains hostile to America’s top ally in the Middle East. She’s routinely voiced anti-Israel sentiments since making a splash on the political scene in 2018. She plans to block the deal between Israel and the U.S.

AOC is joined by Reps. Tlaib and Pocan in the fight to stop the arms deal between the two countries.

The Squad leader can’t seem to tell the truth about Israel, lying publicly on her popular twitter account. In a recent tweet storm, she claimed Israel intends to use the recently-purchased precision bombs to target “media outlets, schools, and hospitals.”

Ocasio-Cortez said nothing about the fact that Palesitnian Hamas terrorists target Israeli civilians, and deliberately store and fire rockets in densely populated areas, maximizing the risk to civilians — both of errant rocket launches, and Israeli counter-strikes.

Author: Asa McCue