Biden Just Can’t Stop Embarrassing Himself In Public

Joe Biden gave a commencement speech in front of Coast Guard graduates on Wednesday – and it did not go well for the octogenarian president.

He abruptly interrupted his own speech, scolding the graduates when they failed to meet Biden’s standard for praise, claps and applause.

When Biden said:

“I can only assume that you’ll enjoy educating your family about how the Coast Guard is, “the hard nucleus around the Navy formed in times of war…”

He received no applause from the crowed, causing him to launch a tirade against the service men and women, saying “You really are a dull class,” adding his favorite line, “C’mon man, is the sun bothering you?”

Watch his hilarious public embarrassment here:

The graduates inevitably obliged the cognitively-challenged president, awkwardly laughing and giving him the praise he so badly desires.

The president spoke about the importance of the Coast Guard accepting more women in their highest command stations.

He went on to misquote the Chinese Communist dictator Chairman Mao Zedong, saying “women hold up half the world.” Mao’s quote is actually “women holding up half the sky.” Nevertheless, why would the current American president choose a quote from a Communist dictator during a military graduation commencement speech?

Biden didn’t miss a beat trying to promote his recent multi-trillion dollar spending proposals. Quoting Alexander Hamilton, he said, “economic security is national security.”

Biden also praised the graduates for their growth and diversity recently sweeping through the armed forces, jeopardizing our national security.

“You’re the most progressive, best educated, least, most open generation in American history. We need you badly,” he said.

Biden handed out diplomas after his speech, but refused to shake hands, ostensibly due to risks of contracting the coronavirus, despite his vaccination.

Author: Nolan Sheridan