Look Where Biden Just Poured Taxpayer’s Millions Into 

The cognitively-disabled president is pitching his case for a multi-billion dollar government grant for new electric vehicle production. The grants will cover the manufacturing of electric battery motors. Biden announced his plan during a visit to Ford Motor vehicle plant in Michigan on Tuesday.

He is also calling for the removal of consumer incentives for high-priced, gas-powered electric vehicles as he pitches massive taxpayer spending to produce electric cars.

The Biden White House hopes to encourage massive electric batter motor production with taxpayer money, increasing U.S. electric vehicle manufacturing ten-fold.

Biden’s plan “proposes cost-sharing grants to support new high capacity battery facilities in the United States, recognizing that new businesses may not be able to access tax credits but can pitch in their fair share as they scale their operations,”

The centerpiece of Biden’s EV plan is $100 billion in consumer rebates, according to an April U.S. Transportation Department email to lawmakers.

An official White House statement says Biden’s strategy provides:

“point-of-sale incentives that encourage EV deployment. These incentives will not go towards expensive luxury models and will also incentivize manufacturers who use good labor practices.”

In other words, the Biden White House is planning a massive tax hike on non-electric powered vehicles – directly affecting the American consumer.

Following in Obama’s footsteps, Biden went on an Anti-American tirade, claiming the U.S. is far behind in electric vehicle technology:

“Despite being the pioneers of the technology, the United States is behind in the race to manufacture these vehicles and the batteries that go in them,”

By 2030, Biden demands $15 billion in taxpayer dollars to build thousands of electric vehicle charging stations across the country – including in public parking lots, apartment buildings, and universities. He also hopes for another $45 billion to convert school busses into electric vehicles. . the President wants to fund shifting the federal fleet to more EVs, including for the Postal Service to begin using EV delivery trucks.

Author: Asa McCue