Even Democrats Have Had Enough Of Biden — And Now He Knows It

Given the liberal bend of many pollsters, Biden has seen pretty high approval ratings – just a month ago a Gallup poll showed him pulling 57% favorability. But, unfortunately for him and the American people, Biden has embattled himself with numerous scandals that have tired the American people and jeopardized national security.

Comparatively, around the same period of Trump and Obama’s presidencies, the two pulled a 43% and 57% approval rating respectively.

Joe Biden’s plummeting in the polls could relate to a number of crisis: failure to manage the pandemic, immigrant surge at the U.S.-Mexico border, horrible recent job report, and ongoing violence in the Middle East.

Many respondents preferred Biden not run again in 2024. His Vice President, Kamala Harris, was heavily favored (41.3%) to replace Biden at the very top of the ticket. Transportation Secretary scored a 9.3% of those surveyed and Rep. AOC at 8% of who Democrats wish to see run for president in 2024.

On the Republican side, Trump takes the cake as far as who should run for president in 2024. If he decides against it, Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis is the front-runner, polling heavily with GOP voters at 349%. DeSantis is followed by Sens. Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, and Former Vice President Mike Pence for who GOP voters would prefer running the country.

DeSantis is also the favorite among Republicans who said they are Trump supporters (47.6%), followed by Cruz (20.4%) and Pence (12%.)

Among those who do not support Trump, Romney is by far their favorite at 36.1%. Romney was among the few in Trump’s own party who voted to impeach him, Romney notably in both impeachment trials.

Cruz and Pence each received 5.6% backing while DeSantis got 4.2%. Both are ardent supporters of the former president and his policies.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney