Biden Finally Gives Middle-East Ally a Helping Hand

On Monday, the U.S. approved a whopping $735 million sale in weapons and other artillery for the Israel as the nation battles against Islamic terrorists in Palestine.

Precision missiles and high-tech munitions, developed under the Trump administration, comprise most of the sale. Congress was only notified several days ago about Pentagon’s intention to sell Israel weapons and the the public was just informed yesterday.

The Biden administration has backtracked on its support for Israel, calling for a ceasefire after supporting the nation’s right to self defense. Earlier in the year, White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki refused to say whether or not Biden’s Pentagon would support the U.S. replenishment of Israel’s military arsenal.

“The Biden Administration has distanced itself from Israel by attempting to revive the failed Iran deal, siding with the Ayatollahs over our ally,” former Secretary of State and CIA Director Mike Pompeo tweeted. “America must be strong and defend its allies without hesitation.”

The weapons transaction comes with perfect timing as IDF forces identified and killed many top Hamas leaders. The Israeli military also decimated many underground tunnels used for storing weapons and transporting terrorists soldiers.

The retaliatory attacks on Gaza come as the Palestinian terrorists bombarded Israel with more than 3,100 rockets over the last few days, killing many and wounding hundreds.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth