Big Tech Endorses Islamic Terrorism

Leaders in the Hamas terrorist organization are openly calling for violence against Israel on their twitter accounts while Former President Donald Trump remains permanently banned from the platform.

Head of the Hamas political organization and terrorist leader in the Gaza strip Ismail Haniyeh often takes to Twitter to celebrate child “martyrs” among other disturbing topics:

In a now-deleted post, Haniyeh glorified a bombing in Tel Aviv, Israel:

Haniyeh has been forced to delete many online posts. Another since-gone tweet said: God willing, we use our long-range missiles, instead of our short-range, to attack the occupiers in Israel.”

Another leader, Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, is another frequent Twitter user and second in command of Hamas. He also encourages violence against Israel to his 360,000 followers, saying, “Palestine will not coexist with occupation.”

Both leaders shared their intentions for violence – in English – on their social media profiles.

Last week, Abu Marzook foreshadowed the upcoming rocket attack from Gaza on Israeli citizens. He warned: “The occupation will pay the price for the crimes committed Palestine.”

Twitter allows other Islamic leaders, including Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei, to encourage violence against Israel on their accounts.

Trump has been permanently banned from the social media platform since January. The media giant said Trump was “risking further incitement of violence” with his tweets after the Capitol protests on Jan 6.

Twitter has not publicly stated if they plan to ban accounts encouraging violence against U.S. allies.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney