Anti-Trump Media Goes Easy On Biden

The first four months of the Biden administration shows the coverage from the liberal media is a marked difference between their reporting on Trump and his policies.

The reporting from left-leaning news outlets has kept Joe Biden completely uninvolved, when during Trump’s tenure, a majority of all reporting was negative and focused solely on the Former President. Some call it the “Orange Man Bad” approach.

For example, The Washington Post claimed the U.S. electric grid was under a cyberattack though a utility in New England. The real story proved to be far more innocuous: an employee’s laptop had malware on it, but it wasn’t connected to the electric grid. Headlines at the time highlighted Trump’s “shady” connections to Russia, and how his soft relationship is causing the U.S. to undergo serious attacks. Yet when the largest pipeline in the t U.S. gets its computers hacked by a criminal gang, Israel and Hamas are on the brink of war, inflation soars, and our Southern Border is being crushed by illegal immigrants, the main story from major news outlets is that Republicans ousted Rep. Liz Cheney from leadership.

Biden could not have prevented the Colonial Hack. However, his response after the attack tells you everything you need to know about his administration. Gas shortages caused long lines and sky-high prices for many Americans. Despite that, Biden’s Energy Sec. Granholm preached to the people saying, “people with electric cars don’t have this problem.”

Had the cyber hacking happened under Trump, he would have been blamed, constantly questioned about how it was his fault or how he needed to fix it, demanding he reassure the American people, etc. But Biden, he gets a pass from the liberal media.

Less than a year ago, Trump radically changed the geopolitical landscape when his team brokered numerous peace deals with Israel and some Islamic nations. More work was obviously needed, but the Biden administration’s Middle East policy has been an abrupt change – abandoning Israel, trying to cozy up to Iran, while disparaging countries like Saudi Arabia, which is far from perfect but is at least willing to work with us (and not a threat to nuke the planet). Now, the media reports on rocket fire into Israel every few years, but had the current situation happened under Trump, there would have been a lot more media pressure and blame. As it stands now, Trump is still getting blamed for the conflict even though he is out of office.

Inflation levels have risen to levels not seen sine the Great Depression, but here we are again; media coverage refuses to press Biden on his policies that directly the issue. The media barely even focused on the ironclad economy Trump was in the midst of building before the coronavirus pandemic took hold. Trump’s tax cuts would be blamed, as would his spending and, of course, his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, Biden’s rampant spending has yet to be discussed, nor has his suggested price hikes for middle class Americans. Further, the disastrous April jobs report has already been forgotten by the press. Again, if Trump were president, this would all still be front page, top-of-the-hour news. Experts of all kinds would have weighed in and fanatical Democrats would have explained how it’s all Trump’s fault.

Now we have an ongoing Border Crisis, which the Biden administration wants to call a “challenge.” The number of migrant children at border facilities (what the media called “kids in cages” under Trump) has doubled in the past two months. But while the situation on the border is getting worse, the media’s coverage of it has dropped 61%.

If Trump were still president, we’d be subjected to round-the-clock coverage blaming him for each of these issues. . The coverage would look less like news and more like tabloid gossip, with every response parsed to death and all intent deemed negative. As it stands, that kind of media coverage is reserved for Republican leadership battles.

Author: Jean Clift