All Star America-First Republican Finally Gets Recognition He Deserves

Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis earned a 55% approval rating according to a recent poll released late this week. His favorability with Floridians has increased as his rating has shot up two points since the last poll was taken in February.

Of those surveyed, 70% of voters gave “DeSantis good marks on his handling of vaccine distribution, while just under 30% say they weren’t impressed with his performance.

The Republican governor boasts a “net 20-percentage-point approval rating with the critical independent voters. Of which, 57% of the independents say he’s doing a good job, compared to 37% who disapprove of his performance.”

The increase is up from a February poll by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, when DeSantis had a 53 percent approval rating with a 42 percent disapproval rating.

The recent poll also highlights DeSantis’ stronghold with a majority of independent voter, beating both leading parties by more than 30 percentage points.

Florida Chamber of Commerce CEO Mark Wilson analyzed the polling results, saying,

“I’ve been saying it for over a year: Gov. DeSantis’ leadership in Florida continues to move the state in the right direction. He’s serving as the national standard for COVID-19 recovery while other states push fear mongering over facts, science and data.”

Author: John Harlow