Crisis Continues To Plague Biden Administration — He Won’t Survive This

Republicans and Democrats alike are slamming Commander-in-Chief Biden over the escalating violence between Israel and Palestine after a series of rocket attacks left at least two Israeli citizens dead.

Lawmakers from opposite sides of the political spectrum have put Biden in their crosshairs over the growing violence – though for vastly different reasons.

Republicans are demanding that the Biden administration “strongly condemn Hamas,” the Palestinian terror group responsible for the rocket attack in Jerusalem on their national holiday.

Many Republicans noted that the Biden administration could have used the cash it gave away to Iran for leverage with Palestinian officials to “denounce Hamas.

Conversely, radical socialist and “Squad” Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib shockingly claims the U.S. is “enabling” the violence in the region by giving Israel foreign aid. She’s routinely criticized the Biden administration, asking, “Why would Biden give aide to a country that commits human rights violations?”

The Biden White House officially denounce the Hamas attacks, though they were late to the game by some estimation. Press Secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged the situation during her daily press briefing. She reported that the Biden administration was “working with Palestinian officials” and was in support of “total de-escalation” in the region.

This doesn’t look good for the Biden administration. Additionally, numerous other crisis have occurred simultaneously that shows our cognitively-deficient president just isn’t cutting it. Between the crisis on the border, the national fuel shortage, the shift toward radical Left policies, his shady overseas business dealings – the Biden administration is simply not working for the American people.

Author: Nolan Sheridan