Liberal Media Fawn Over Biden’s Lackluster Address

Members of the “Fake News” media are fawning over Biden’s first Congressional this week, calling remarks “direct, conversational, and under-stated.”

CNN White House correspondent had this to say about Biden’s address:

Few attended the Wednesday snooze-fest in which Biden voiced support for restricting Second Amendment rights and spending America into total collapse.  e

“America is on the move again,” reported our cognitively-challenged president.

CNN wasn’t alone in their adulation of Biden’s mediocre ramblings. Other journalists flocked to twitter to sing their praises:

Some liberal news pundits made their enigmatic comments while viewing the speech live on-air.

The media’s reaction largely fell in line with how Democratic lawmakers also lauded the president and his speech, characterizing his leadership as historic and a welcomed change from former President Donald Trump’s administration.


Author: Lucien Bly