Democrats Try And Fail To Prevent Election Audits

Questions over the flimsy 2020 presidential election will finally be answered as Arizona, one of the major battleground states, is moving forward with an unprecedented audit of millions of ballots. The Republican-led state Senate approved the audit and hired a private company to complete the task. The contractor, Cyber Ninjas, must make public all of the procedures used to examine the 2020 ballots.

Maricopa County Circuit Court Judge OK’d the audit, pushing the Republicans further into an investigation of what really happened in 2020. Joe Biden was only barely able to inch out a victory in the state, resulting in massive controversy particularly over the ballots in Maricopa County.

Wednesday’s court win is the latest in a series of events that began when Republicans subpoenaed Maricopa County’s ballots and vote calculation machines. Conservatives in the state intended to audit the results that showed Biden “winning” in Arizona. Trump and his supporters continue to claim, with evidence, that he was the clear winner of the state.

”We are going to be able to tell every Arizonan in a few weeks that they can have complete integrity and trust in their elections, or we have some parts of the election that need to be improved,” 

The county fought the request for the ballots. But Republican Senate President Karen Fann won the right to access them in February. They were delivered to the state fairgrounds in Phoenix last week. Fann said she wants to prove one way or the other whether GOP claims of problems with the vote are valid and use the results of the audit to craft updated election laws.

Senate Democrats call the audit an effort to perpetuate “The Big Lie,” which is what they call Trump’s insistence that he only lost because of election fraud. The Republican-led county Board of Supervisors stands by the election results, which were certified by state officials, including Republican Gov. Doug Ducey, on Nov. 30.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney